Gazebo Weights to Hold Your Gazebo Down & Stop It Blowing Away!

In my opinion, all pop-up gazebos should be sold with a set of gazebo weights included ensuring the frame of your gazebo is anchored to the ground.

Many pop up gazebo packages do not contain anchor weights as manufacturers look to keep the overall price down by not including this important piece of kit.

The Best Gazebo Weights

Recommended Products

ABCCANOPY Gazebo Weight Bags Review

Sandbags are the most common type of anchor weight to hold your pop-up gazebo to the floor.  They’re easy to fill, affordable, lightweight when empty, and easy to transport.

These ABC Canopy pop-up gazebo sandbags arrive empty but are ready to be filled with a wide range of materials such as; sand, soil, pebbles, rocks, or a large bottle of water.

More recently, people have been using empty bottles of pop, refilling them with water, and then place them inside the pockets to help keep things a little cleaner and drier.

For every 1 litre of water, you will add 1kg of extra anchor weight.

Alternatively, you can fill the bags with sand and either tip it directly into the bags or pour it into a plastic bag and then place the bag inside to keep things cleaner.  Regular sand is fine.

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • Strong durable material
  • Robust double zipper closure
  • Holds upto 25kg of sand
  • Easy to fill & empty
  • Lightweight when empty
  • Can be machine washed
  • Choose from grey or orange

The Not So Good...

  • No sand included

Reasons to Buy…

  • Leak-Free & Washable

The bags are made from very strong and durable polyester that provides a secure, leak-free enclosure for your choice of filling material.  The bags are sealed by double zip tops.

Polyester can be machine washed should the bag become dirty and grubby looking.  Wash at a cool temperature for longer-lasting strength and peg out to dry afterwards.

  • Easy to Transport

Should you decide to take your pop-up gazebo on a camping trip or on a picnic then these types of weights are ideal as you’re not transporting any noticeable extra weight.

These bags can be filled up when you get to your destination with nearby materials.  Added weight can cause additional fuel costs (these can hold up to 25kg per bag)

  • Wide range of uses

Because these sandbags are attached to the frame via Velcro attachments, this means that they can be used on anything that has a similar frame type to a pop-up gazebo frame.

Similar frame types include; pergola, bouncy castle, egg chairs, metal frame soft top gazebos, outdoor tables or chairs, free-standing patio heaters, or travel clotheslines.

MasterCanopy Water Weights Review

These Mastercanopy water weights are great as they’re mess-free as you don’t need materials like sand or dirt, you literally fill them to use and empty them afterward.

You will receive 4 containers that are made from a water-resistant material, have a built-in handle and a screw cap top to make filling and emptying quick and simple to do.

Each of the weights containers can hold up to 10 litres of water which equates to 10kg in weight.  Ultimately, this adds 40kg of extra weight to hold down your gazebo frame legs.

The containers are attached to the frame with velcro straps that wrap around the gazebo legs.  The velcro must be attached tightly to ensure the frame legs don’t lift up still.

Should your gazebo have sides then it’s best to position the weights on the inside of the frame because then you will be able to attach the sides on the outside of the frame.

Positioning the weight containers on the inside will mean less room, however, positioning on the outside will prevent the sides from reaching the ground, enabling drafts.

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • Strong water-resistant containers
  • Easy to fill & empty
  • Each container has a handle
  • Black colour hides stains
  • Easy and light to transport
  • Hang in the shed when not used
  • Each set can add 40kg of weight
  • Available from leading brand
  • Stop the frame legs shifting sideways
  • 3 different colours

The Not So Good...

  • Keep away from sharp objects

Reasons to Buy…

  • Simple & easy to use

A good product is one that solves a problem with a simple solution. You are simply filling a water-resistant container that stands upright, is easy to attach and adds 10kg of weight each.

Simply fill the container to the top with water to ensure you get the maximum amount of anchoring weight and then empty them once you have finished using them… Simple & Easy!

  • Easy to Transport

As these are light when they’re empty it makes them easy to pack into your car should you be taking them camping, on holiday, or a car boot sale or craft fayre.

Remember, wherever you take them you must have a water supply nearby to fill them otherwise you’ll have to fill them before you leave, otherwise, you can’t use them.

  • Wide range of uses

Similar to the sandbags above, these weights are connected with velcro straps, which means they can be used on other garden items with a similar frame to anchor them down.

Outsunny Cement Anchor Weights Review

These Outsunny gazebo weights are only suitable for pop-up gazebos that have a footplate at the bottom of each frame leg as they slot into the frame and sit on the footplate.


Should you decide to buy this set of cement weights, you will receive 4 round weights that weigh 2.2kg each that can be stacked neatly on top of each other to add more weight.

Personally, if you have an expensive or hexagonal gazebo, then I recommend buying 2 packs but just be mindful as the cost soon starts mounting as they’re not cheap.

The reason I recommend 2 packs for a hexagonal gazebo is that there are 6 legs that need holding down and there are only 4 weights in a pack which would leave you short.

Each weight has a set of male and female couplings which means they simply slot into each other, which ensures they do not slip or fall off each other when stacked.

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • Can be stacked for added weight
  • Easy to wipe clean after use
  • Do not need filling or emptying
  • Mess-free and easy to store
  • Not easy to damage

The Not So Good...

  • Only weigh 2.2kg each

Reasons to Buy…

  • No mess 

This product is ready to go, straight out of the box.  Unbox on delivery and place through the frame and rest it directly onto the footplate of your pop-up gazebo.

They require no filling, no emptying and are, therefore, hassle-free.

  • Perfect for patio gazebos

When you use your pop-up canopy/gazebo on concrete it is often difficult to use the guy ropes and tent pegs because you don’t have a soft surface to knock the pegs into.

Whilst I always recommend you still try and find a way of using the guy ropes as they support the upper frame section if it’s not possible then these are a great option.

  • Ideal for gazebos without sides

These cement weights are bulkier than they look and can cause problems for gazebos that have side panels.  They prevent you from pulling the sides down to the floor.

Therefore, if you own a gazebo without sides but it does have footplates (must have footplates otherwise useless) then these are a great option for anchoring down a gazebo.