Airwave Gazebo Reviews

Airwave gazebos have been available to buy on Amazon from around 2010 and the brand is now expanding to sell garden and patio equipment too.

Airwave, also known as Garden Comforts sells a wide range of gazebo sizes such as; 2x2m, 2.5×2.5m, 3x3m, a party tent that I won’t recommend, and the airwave hexagonal gazebo.

Airwave Pop-up Gazebos

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Airwave Gazebo 2x2m

This small 2x2m airwave gazebo was first listed to buy on Amazon in 2010 and has been bought time after time, year after year for the garden, patio or to take and use on holiday.

Everything is included that you could need to provide a small dry area, enough for a couple to enjoy a shaded area for breakfast or relaxation, or for children to have a shaded area.

If you have a particular use in mind then you’ll be relieved to know this 2×2 gazebo is available in a number of colours, such as; beige, black, green, blue, grey, red, and white.

This small 2 person gazebo is a traditional pop-up gazebo style which means you simply stretch it out, attach the canopy, lift up and click the frame into place, then add the sides.

Attach the guylines to the canopy and knock the tent pegs into the ground to provide more stability.  The weight bags will prevent the frame legs from shifting and snapping.

Package Includes:

  • 420D polyester canopy and sides
  • Four attachable side panels with Velcro tabs
  • Roll-up door with two full-length zips
  • Strong powder-coated steel frame
  • Two church style window panels
  • Guy ropes with anchor pegs
  • Weight Bags
  • Carry Bag

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • Simple & quick to assemble
  • Easy to transport in carrying bag
  • Everything included that you need
  • It will keep you dry
  • Lots of possible uses
  • Spare parts are available
  • Includes sides for privacy and drafts

The Not So Good...

  • Only provides a small dry area
  • Can sell out in summer months

Reasons To Buy…

  • Provides an instant dry area

This small 2×2 gazebo provides you with a simple answer to your dry area problems.  Should you wish to protect yourself outdoors from rain or shine then this is the answer.

It can be assembled in just 5 minutes, it will provide protection against rain via the polyester, PVC coated canopy, and the side panels will protect against splashes or drafts.

  • Church Style Windows

Church-style windows are quite a popular choice among pop-up gazebo manufacturers and Quick Star certainly seems to agree. They are very stylish and look great.

But more than that, the windows offer a huge amount of natural light into the gazebo so you really can let the sunshine in and feel as though you are still sitting outside.

  • Sturdy Metal Frame

With roof bars that measure 18x10mm and legs that measure 25x25mm, you really do have a frame that is built to stay standing, and its black metal steel certainly helps with that.

Just as with all pop-up gazebos (unless it specifically states otherwise), it’s probably best not to use them in strong winds or heavy rains, but this frame is certainly strong enough to deal with warm summer nights.

  • Carrying/Storage Bag

The storage bag is essential in my opinion.  The last thing you want is to have to store it in black bin liners or boxes that break or rip over time.  This storage bag prevents this problem.

All items fit snugly into the strong storage bag, which stores the frame and the canopy safely and helps prevent you from losing important parts when not in use or transporting it.

Airwave Gazebo 2.5×2.5m

This in-between size is a great alternative to the smaller 2x2m and the larger 3x3m sizes.  The size difference makes it cheaper than the 3x3m but provides more room than the 2x2m

Set up is easy, and the pop-up process ensures it can be put up in minutes and even quicker the second time you use it as the waterproof canopy can be left attached.

It has 4 leg weights and 2 wind bars which provide additional sturdiness as the wind bars help support the roof section, whilst the weight bags stop the frame legs from moving.

The 420D polyester canopy has been sprayed with a PVC coating to increase the water-resistance of the canopy and protect against showers.  Caution is advised in extreme weather.

The side panels are 210D polyester and attach with velcro straps over the frame of the roof section.  The straps are strong and connect securely but can easily be undone by hand.

Package Includes:

  • 420D Polyester PVC Coated Canopy
  • 210D Polyester Side Panels
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Carry Bag
  • Guy Ropes
  • Sand Bags
  • Anchor Pegs
  • 2 Wind Bars
  • 4 Leg Weights

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • Roll Up Door with Full-Length Zips
  • More room than the 2x2m version
  • Large windows for natural light
  • Room for small table and chairs
  • Powder Coated frame to prevent rust
  • Sensible Price

The Not So Good...

  • Limited colours available
  • Do not use in high winds

Reasons To Buy…

  • Cross Truss Roof Design

The cross truss roof design helps to support the entire roof section and reduce the impact of wind and heavy rain by preventing pooling in the roof and equalising the stress.

This is a common feature in most pop up gazebos but not all of them.  Should you decide to buy a different pop-up gazebo then ensure that your alternative has this design.

  • Wind Bars

Whatever your view on wind bars, if wind bars are included in the package they do provide a huge amount of extra support to the roof section and also the frame legs too.

Some manufacturers claim that brands that provide wind bars should just make the existing frame stronger rather than adding additional supportive poles that clip on.

These manufacturers do have a point but I certainly wouldn’t be put off of buying this product by claims from a competing brand.

  • Weight Bags

The weight bags provided are sandbags.  These are basically 4 empty large black material pockets that are attached to the frame legs filled with materials to add weight and stability.

Items you can place into these bags can be soil, sand, pebbles, 3-litre pop bottles filled with water (a much cleaner way).  The bags prevent the frame from shifting from side to side.

  • Roll Up Door

The door has zips that go right up to the top and to the floor.  Should you decide to open the door fully you can zip it right up and then tie the door up for better access.

Because the zipper goes to the floor when you decide to lower the door fully it can prevent drafts from coming under the door as your evening progresses or the weather cools…

  • 420D Polyester Canopy

This style of canopy is more than capable of dealing with light rain so you don’t need to worry about cutting your summer garden activities short if the weather changes thanks to its PVC coating.

The side panels may only be made of a 210D Polyester, but it’s still good quality material that will be robust too, and they attach easily thanks to the Velcro attachment system.