About – Charlie Winters

Hi, I’m Charlie Winters.

As someone who loves being outdoors, either in my own garden or by the coast, I understand that the UK weather can be unpredictable and volatile.

One minute it can be bright sunshine and then within the hour we’ve found ourselves looking for shelter because of a heavy downpour!  That’s partly explains my interest in pop-up gazebos…

Pop-up gazebos, regardless of the size you own, are perfect for providing fast and simple shelter against hot sunshine and miserable wet weather.

They can be built in a few minutes by 2 people and can provide a waterproof and UV protective canopy that will shield you until the weather has improved.

There are lots of sizes and brands so buying can be tricky and confusing, especially with lots of brands actually exaggerating the features of their gazebo.

In my reviews I explain all the features of the different sizes available to buy and basically, I make the techy wording easier to understand so you know what you’re buying.

You can check out my guides below, which have been conveniently organised into same size reviews.

2x2m, 2.5×2.5m, 3x3m, 6x3m

If you need any further help or questions answered then feel free to contact me below.