Top-Rated Large Pop-up Gazebos

When you’re looking to buy the best 6x3m pop-up gazebo for your money it can be a little bit overwhelming as to which features are necessary and which aren’t.

Below, I’ve put together my 4 preferred choices into a quick table, alternatively, you can read my detailed reviews to fully understand the features and what you’re buying.

The Best 6x3m Pop-up Gazebos

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Recommended Products

All Seasons 6x3m Gazebo (Premium)

With a choice of 7 different colours, the first thing to note is that there’s a good chance you’ll have a colour that’s suitable for the type of event your holding.

Lighter colours are better suited for weddings and corporate events as they look smart and elegant and are better suited to pleasant weather where mud or dirt isn’t an issue.

The darker colours such as; green, blue and grey, help to hide any dirt or scuffs that could happen should you be using it in more unpleasant weather conditions or season.


As with all pop-up gazebos, this product is easy to put up.  As the 6x3m gazebo is one of the largest on the market, it’ll, therefore, take more time to build than smaller gazebos.

Don’t worry though, small and large pop-up gazebos still employ the ‘concertina style’ pull-out frame alike, and all the sizes just stretch and click into shape.

Package Includes:

  • Heavy-duty steel concertina frame
  • Fully waterproof canopy (260gsm)
  • x2 Windowed side panels (260gsm)
  • x2 Full-length roll-up doors/walls
  • Pegs & guy ropes
  • 6 Weight bags
  • Strong storage bag with wheels
  • Care guide & 1-year frame warranty

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • Concertina Style Frame
  • Canopy & Sides 260gsm
  • Weight Bag for Frame Legs
  • Storage Bag with Wheels
  • Heavy-Duty Side Panels
  • Straightforward to Asemble

The Not So Good...

  • Not Cheap
  • Entire Package Quite Heavy
  • Needs 2+ People to Build

Reasons to Buy…

  • Canopy & Side Panels both 260gsm

For the side panels to be the same standard of waterproofing as the canopy section is a sign of a premium quality pop-up gazebo where no expense has been spared in production.

In most pop-ups, the side panels are lower quality than the canopy as it’s one of the easier ways of the manufacturer saving money without impacting performance too much.

The weight is determined by cutting a square metre out of the fabric and then placing it on a set of scales where it is weighed (260gsm in this case).

  • Weight Bags for Frame Legs

There are 6 weight bags included that attach to each of the 6 frame legs to add extra stability.  They provide support to the roof section and anchor the frame to the ground.

Each bag will add up to 15kgs of weight around each leg when filled with objects such as stones, dirt, sand or something else that you can find that is heavy and fits in the bag.

  • Strong Storage Bag with Wheels

A decent storage bag is paramount to preserving the quality of the fabric of the gazebo when not in use and maintain its waterproofing effectiveness over time.

The bag helps prevent damage of the frame and stops smaller parts such as the tent pegs, guy ropes or weight bags from being misplaced or lost.

You will find that the wheels are a great help when you’re taking it to an event where the ground is uneven or it’s quite a trek to your location.  You’ll be thankful fo the wheels.

  • Easy to connect side panels

Like most pop-up gazebos, the side panels connect to the top of the frame with velcro.  The velcro makes attaching the sides and removing the sides quick and easy to do.

This All Season’s gazebo is different from many others because although the top section connects with velcro, the side panels connect together with zips.

The zips make a huge difference as they create an enclosure that eliminates drafts via the secure connection, unlike other gazebos that are attached with velcro.

  • Struts in the roof section

You’ll find with some gazebos that they’ll provide a wind bar as part of their package and talk about how much extra strength the wind bar or wind bars add.

If the roof section is strong enough in the first place, their gazebos wouldn’t need a wind bar.  This All Season’s has built-in roof struts that provide all the support you need.

All Seasons 6x3m Gazebo (Standard)

At first look, you may think that I’m reviewing exactly the same pop-up gazebo as is listed above.  However, there are a few things that make this listing different than the above.

Firstly, the quality of the sides has been reduced but don’t let that worry you as they’re still of a high standard and personally, this is an acceptable way of lowering the price.

In wet weather, the rain will land on the canopy and run down the sides.  As long as the sides have a waterproofing coating then there is no issue.  (As this gazebo does, 210D PU)

This gazebo is easily assembled like all pop-up gazebos but you’ll need a friend to give you a hand as 6x3m gazebos generally take a little bit more effort to put together due to the size.

Package Includes:

  • Heavy-duty steel concertina frame
  • Fully waterproof canopy (260gsm)
  • x2 Windowed side panels (210D PU)
  • x2 Full-length roll-up doors/walls (210D PU)
  • Pegs & guy ropes
  • 6 Weight bags
  • Strong storage bag with wheels
  • Care guide & 1-year frame warranty

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • 17 Colours Available
  • Straightforward to Assemble
  • Multi Surface Use
  • Wheeled Bag for Transporting
  • Good Value
  • Durable & Well Made

The Not So Good...

  • Sides Lower Quality

Reasons to Buy…

  • Represents Good Value

Although, I listed it as a ‘negative’, the sides are of a lower standard of waterproofing than the canopy but this does very little to undermine the overall quality of the gazebo.

In wet weather, you will be still protected by the canopy from getting wet as the rainwater will just run down the side panels.  You’re just buying an excellent gazebo at a lower price.

  • Multi-Surface Use

You can use this gazebo for a multitude of uses and that is made more capable by the feet that are situated at the end of the frame legs.  These are ideal for hard surface use.

For hard surfaces, I advise you to use the weight bags to anchor it down, not just for better stability but with hard surfaces it can be difficult to use the ropes and pegs.

  • Straightforward to Assemble

Admittedly, larger pop-up gazebos take longer to set up than a smaller one but even so, they still aren’t difficult to put up because of the concertina-style frame design.

You can use the side panels as and when and you can use any number of them at any time.  You don’t even have to use them should it be too warm or you just don’t want too.

The sides simply connect to the top of the frame with Velcro straps which are strong enough to remain in place when windy but easy enough to remove by hand when necessary.

Once you’ve finished using your gazebo it can be put away in the wheeled bag for storage with the canopy still attached and the bag helps to keep everything stored together.

AutoBaBa Garden Gazebo (Budget Price)

The above gazebos are of a very high standard but all that comes at a price and that’s quite a high price tag too.  With pop-up gazebos, you literally do ‘get what you pay for’.

This AutoBaba is an outdoor canopy that I recommend to only use in pleasant weather because it’s been designed to provide a cheaper alternative rather than survive bad weather.

This website is a ‘pop-up gazebo’ review website but I want to make it clear, this AutoBaBa is not a pop-up gazebo, it has to be assembled by connecting the poles together.

Some may interpret this to be a poor gazebo but I want to make it clear that it is ‘good quality’ and is sturdy but IT IS NOT designed to stand up to really bad weather.

I just want to give you a more affordable option than the high priced large pop-up gazebos as I understand that not everyone has such a large budget at their disposal.

Package Includes:

  • Powder Coated Steel Tubes
  • 120g Waterproof canopy cover
  • Nylon Connectors
  • x4 Sidewalls with windows
  • x1 Sidewall without a window
  • x1 Door with a zip
  • 6 Guy ropes
  • 12 Tent pegs
  • White colour

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • Easy to connect together
  • Suitable for lower budgets
  • Ideal in decent weather
  • Plenty of stakes for anchoring

The Not So Good...

  • Bag not included
  • Do not use if windy
  • Only available in white

Reasons to Buy…

  • Ideal for pleasant summer days…

If you’re looking for a canopy for summer use during hot weather that can provide a shade then this cheaper alternative to the 2 All seasons gazebos above is your pick.

Although you have to connect poles together (the traditional, older way) it is still easy to assemble and will still require 2 people to put it together, as would a pop-up gazebo.

  •  Will Protect from Drizzle

The manufacturer claims this gazebo is fully waterproof.  I can’t agree entirely agree about that claim because there are so many levels of waterproofing and weights of fabric.

Personally,  if you need a ‘fully waterproof’ gazebo then the fabric weight should be at least 180gsm or higher.  This gazebo fabric is 120gsm which means it’ll be lighter and thinner.

I would expect a fabric weight of 120gsm to protect you from a passing shower or light drizzle but use during the summer could eliminate the worry if the weather’s nice…

All Seasons Gazebo 6x3m (Without Sides)

Traditionally, like the rest of the range, this All Season’s gazebo is a robust piece of kit.  For those that will never need sides for your pop-up gazebo, this product is ideal…

With a choice of 11 different colours, you’ll quickly find a suitable colour for your event.  These include striped gazebos as well as single colour schemes too.

As this gazebo doesn’t have sides it can be assembled much quicker and quickly taken down after use which is great when your party finishes or your event closes for the day.

The wheeled bag makes the storage and transporting of your All Season’s canopy, frame and accessories much easier as you can keep all the items together, dry and safe.

Package Includes:

  • Heavy-Duty waterproof canopy (260gsm)
  • Steel Pop-up Concertina design frame
  • Storage Bag with Wheels
  • Pegs & Guy Ropes
  • 6 Weight bags
  • Care guide
  • 1-year frame warranty
  • Your choice from 11 different colours

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • Lighter to transport as no sides
  • Choice of 11 colours
  • Powder-coated rust resistant frame
  • Roof can be left on after use
  • Weight bags to anchor to ground
  • Ideal for corporate or personal functions
  • Takes 2 people to build
  • Doesn’t need the use of wind bars
  • Can last for years if looked after
  • Ideal for hard and soft ground

The Not So Good...

  • None as yet…

Reasons to Buy…

  • Can be used on wide variety of surfaces

The inclusion of tent pegs, ropes and weight bags ensure you can use the gazebo on most surfaces.  The pegs and ropes anchor the gazebo and the weights add stability to the legs.

Always try and use all the anchoring methods whatever surface you use.  Using pegs in hard ground is near on impossible but the ropes can be anchored by bricks if necessary.

Surfaces which are suitable for gazebo use include grass, sand, concrete, tarmac, patio, block paving and other similar surfaces that are ideally flat.

  •  Built-in Roof Struts

The roof section is reinforced with built-in roof struts that provide a tremendous amount of extra support for the canopy and stability to the upper part of the frame.

Many manufacturers will provide wind bars that click on one side of the frame and stretch right over to the other side of the frame.  These are not as effective as roof struts.

The roof struts help to maintain the integrity of the roof section and will also ensure that the canopy remains tight to provide waterproofing and also to help to prevent pooling too.