Top-Rated Small Pop-up Gazebos

2x2m gazebos are a great item to own if you still want to get outside and enjoy the weather under the protection of some shelter, but you don’t have a lot of garden space to work with.

All of the 2x2m gazebos I have listed here have side panels (attach or remove them to suit your needs) and they’re all great options to buy and all reasonably affordable too.

This review will take you through each of the products in the table below, and I’ll try to point out the best bits, the not so good bits, and the reasons to buy too…

The Best 2x2m Pop-up Gazebos

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Recommended Products

All Seasons Pop-up Gazebo 2x2m

This All Season’s heavy-duty gazebo is not only showerproof but completely waterproof so you know that you can use it even if the rain does set in to try and ruin your plans.

It’s a stylish product in any of the 17 colour options that you can choose from, though some of the best are its beige, bright green, black, metallic grey, and white options.

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You should check out all of them to pick one that suits your garden.

The side panels are also fully waterproof and zip together for a seamless fit so no water can leak through. The zip also means you can decide how many (if any) you want to put up.

Assembling this gazebo is easy as this All Seasons frame doesn’t require any poles to slot together, it simply needs to be popped up, side panels attached, and you’re ready to go.

Thanks to the support struts in the frame and the reinforced pressure points in the roof, this All Season’s gazebo is as sturdy and as durable a gazebo as you’re going to find anywhere.

Package Includes:

  • x1 Steel Matte Black Rust Resistant Frame
  • x1 Fully Waterproof Canopy
  • x4 Fully Waterproof Side Panels
  • x8 Tent Pegs
  • x4 Rope
  • x4 Leg Weight Bags
  • x1 Heavy Duty Carry Bag

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • 260G Per Square Meter PVC Coated Canopy
  • 210D Waterproof Side Panels
  • Rust Resistant Steel Frame
  • Easy Pop Up In Minutes Gazebo
  • 3 Height Settings To Suit You
  • Leg Weight Bags Included

The Not So Good...

  • Sides are lower quality than the canopy

Reasons To Buy…

  • Sturdy Rust Resistant Frame

The rust-resistant frame is an excellent feature of this All Seasons Gazebo. If you’re in the U.K. then you already know how miserable our summers can be, so it’s a nice feature to see.

Rust resistance is essential. So too is the sturdy steel frame itself, because wind can change quickly and a frame that can withstand wind is essential for any gazebo.

  • 260G Per Square Meter Canopy

You don’t need to understand the exact makeup of materials to know that this is impressive. It is completely waterproof and will protect against even harsh rain.

Using the canopy on those rare hot days in summer could also mean you’re protected from the sun and enjoying some shade, whilst leaving the side panels off to cool down.

  • Built To Last

Not only is the steel metal frame rust-resistant, but the struts that are incorporated into the design make the whole frame even stronger so it can withstand harsher weather than most.

The reinforced pressure points at the roof mean you don’t need to worry about that becoming damaged or weakened over time too because the whole gazebo has been built to last.

Panana 2x2m Pop Up Gazebo

The Panana pop up gazebo is fully waterproof and the canopy and side panels are made of a 210D silver coated oxford polyester to ensure equal protection all over the gazebo.

There’s a choice of 7 colours: beige, black, blue, green, white, red, and grey. Each comes with 2 windowed side panels to let natural light inside the gazebo and they’re stylish too!

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This gazebo can also be erected on the hard or soft ground depending on your situation which is ideal should you be limited with the amount of outdoor space you have.

The side panels are easily removable thanks to the Velcro attachments.  Therefore, should it be warm outside you can remove any number of the sides or add them when it’s cooler.

The frame is made of a steel white powder-coated metal, and it has been designed with extra support bars to give the gazebo a little more strength and stability against wind.

Package Includes:

  • x1 210D Silver Coated Oxford Polyester Canopy
  • x4 210D Silver Coated Oxford Polyester Side Panels
  • x1 Steel Metal Frame
  • x1 Nylon Carry Bag
  • x4 Ropes
  • x12 Stakes

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • White Powder Coated Steel Metal Frame
  • Reinforcing Bars
  • 210D Silver Coated Oxford Polyester Canopy and Panels
  • Can Be Erected On Any Surface
  • Attractive Design In Range Of Colours
  • Fully Waterproof Roof and Side Panels

The Not So Good...

  • Ideal For Pleasant Weather

Reasons To Buy…

  • 210D Silver Coated Oxford Polyester Canopy And Panels

As we discussed in the 2.5×2.5m review, it’s rare to find a gazebo that has side panels and canopy made from the exact same material, so it’s good to see Panana achieving this here.

210D is quite a robust weave of material too, so you can be confident that sitting outside in a light drizzle won’t affect the summer fun that you had planned at all.

  • Sturdy Metal Frame

White powder-coated steel metal frames are found in most gazebos, but the fact that Panana are keen to point out the reinforcing bars that they put into the design is important.

Clearly, the manufacturers think that their metal frame has been designed to last. They do advise against leaving it out in harsh weather, but some mild bad weather won’t hurt and it can certainly deal with lighter winds.

  • Attractive Design

Not only does this gazebo come in a range of different colours, but they’ve really thought about how the finished piece will look, and how it will feel to sit inside too.

The 2 large church style windows allow natural light to come into the gazebo, so you feel as though you are still outside even when you are inside the shelter and protected.

Airwave 2x2m Waterproof Pop-up Gazebo

This Airwave pop up gazebo comes in a choice of six colours, but the khaki green colour is definitely one of it’s more attractive options, but you should look at them for yourself.

Airwave has also made sure that customers know their product is waterproof (it’s in the name) and its 420D polyester canopy doesn’t disappoint on that front.

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They have also thought about the need for a sturdy frame with these smaller gazebos and they’ve designed a robust steel metal frame with supporting bars to help with that.

The simple pop up mechanism means you’ll have it set up in minutes, then simply attach the side panels and relax in your new gazebo.

This Airwave gazebo has 3 height options for the gazebo and all you do is pop the button out of one height setting and move it up or down to higher or lower the gazebo’s height.

Package Includes:

  • x1 420D Polyester Canopy
  • x4 Side Panels
  • x1 Carry Bag
  • x1 Steel Metal Frame
  • Guy Ropes
  • Anchor Peg
  • Sand Bag

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • Easy Pop Up Mechanism For Fast Set Up
  • Adjustable Pop In-Pop Out Height
  • Supporting Bars In Frame
  • 420D Waterproof Canopy
  • Range Of Colours
  • Removable Side Panels

The Not So Good...

  • Safest To Use In Nice Weather
  • No Wind Bar So Avoid High Winds

Reasons To Buy…

  • Pop Up Mechanism And Simple Height Adjustment

Airwave has really thought about usability with this one. Popping the gazebo up will take minutes, especially if you have someone who could lend a hand whilst erecting.

The simple height adjustment feature makes this even more user friendly too. Simply pop it out of the height it’s at, and choose between the highest, middle, and lowest setting to suit you.

  • Robust Steel Metal Frame

This gazebo by Airwave is quite sturdy thanks to the supporting bars that have been included in the design of the steel metal frame for added durability and stability.

Although this doesn’t have any wind bars (like some of their larger models) a 2x2m gazebo is not really intended for harsh weather conditions anyway, so it still serves its purpose well.

  • 420D Polyester Waterproof Canopy

This canopy is made of a slightly more dense material than others on the list, and that just means that the likelihood of any leakage is reduced even more with the 420D canopy.

It’s also been PVC coated so it’s protection against the rain is even stronger. The rain should simply roll off providing it isn’t too heavy because this gazebo is perfect for a light drizzle.

Greenbay Premium Black Pop Up Gazebo

This pop-up gazebo has been very carefully thought out. As well as a 210D oxford fabric canopy and side panels, it also has a silver waterproof protective layer on the inside.

It is only available in one colour this time, but the sleek black design with the shimmering silver protective layer really makes the gazebo look like a premium style product.

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The front of the gazebo has curtains which can be pinned back in summer to allow more circulation around the gazebo, or closed in light rain for extra protection from the weather.

The frame has been white powder coated and is rust and corrosion resistant which means your new gazebo should still be standing well into the future for continued use.

This gazebo has also been waterproof tested and received a rating of 600mm HH. This just means that the fabric can be covered in 600mm of rain before any leakage occurs.

Package Includes:

  • x1 210D Oxford Fabric Canopy
  • x4 210D Oxford Fabric Side Panels
  • x1 Steel Metal Frame
  • x4 Leg Weight Bags
  • x4 Ropes
  • x8 Stakes
  • x1 Carry Bag

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • Tested and Proven Waterproof Capabilities
  • 210D Oxford Fabric Canopy and Side Panels
  • Rust and Corrosion Resistant Steel Frame
  • Protective Waterproof Layer
  • Leg Weight Bags Included
  • Stylish Design With Pin Back Curtains

The Not So Good...

  • Ideal For Pleasant Weather

Reasons To Buy…

  • Tested For Waterproof Capabilities

Whilst many manufacturers of gazebos claim that they are waterproof, very few publish the results of those waterproof test results, and especially not in the product description.

Greenbay obviously thinks a little differently though, and it’s a welcome change. With a rating of 600mm HH, it’s clear that this gazebo is waterproof and can withstand a lot of rain.

  • Protective Waterproof Layer

Again, very few manufacturers offer a gazebo with a waterproof silver layer on the inside of the gazebo, so it really does give you peace of mind that you’ll be safe and dry inside.

Not only that, but the silver layer looks great against the black of the canopy and side panels so you get peace of mind and an attractive design from the same feature.

  • Rust And Corrosion Resistant Steel Frame

Knowing that the steel frame of your new gazebo is corrosion and rust-resistant is a blessing. It means you know that you’re going to get a lot of use out of the new kit you’ve invested in.

It’s also a pretty sturdy frame overall, although Greenbay does point out that the gazebo is not designed for harsh weather such as; strong winds, heavy rain or snow.

Need something a bit bigger?  Try these 2.5 m gazebos

Outsunny 2x2m Pop-up Garden Gazebo

This gazebo by Outsunny is quite unique in its design because the front and back have zippers, so you could open both on hot days and have warm breeze blow right through.

It comes in a choice of three colours: green, blue and coffee and all look great with the large pane windows on the two side panels for added style and natural light.

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The pop-up mechanism is easy to use so you can create instant shelter within minutes, and again the side panels and front and back ‘doors’ are attached quickly with Velcro.

The frame powder coated and is a straight leg design so that you get the most out of the small space – there are no odd angles cutting off some of the space you’ve paid for.

The whole gazebo is made of a silver-coated oxford material that is water-resistant, UV protected, heat resistant, and wind-resistant and suitable for most weather types.

Package Includes:

  • x1 Steel Frame
  • x1 Canopy
  • x2 Side Panels With Pane Windows
  • x2 Side Panels With Zippers
  • Instructions
  • Ropes
  • Stakes

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • Silver Coated Oxford Material
  • Rust Free Steel Frame
  • Side Panels With Zippers
  • Side Panels With Pane Windows
  • Easy Set Up
  • Attractive Design

The Not So Good...

  • Carry Bag Storage
  • Not Pop Up Per Se – Requires Some Adjustment To The Legs

Reasons To Buy…

  • Silver Coated Oxford Material

Not many of the smaller pop-up gazebos are created with a fabric that offers so much protection from different weather conditions, but this gazebo by Outsunny does!

With material that is water-resistant, wind-resistant, heat resistant, and UV protected, you can sit outside in any weather and know that you are safe and comfortable in your gazebo.

  • 2 Side Panels With Zippers

Whilst this might seem like a small thing to some, having the option to unzip the front and back in warmer conditions is a massive convenience and pro for this gazebo.

Typically you would have to get up and detach the side panels from the canopy in most other gazebos to allow for more circulation, but here you just unzip and sit back.  They look great too!

  • Straight Leg Rust Free Frame

Every 2x2m gazebo we’ve reviewed has been the straight leg design.  Outsunny is correct to highlight it because the straight leg ensures you’re getting the most use out of your space.

Add in that the steel frame is white coated and rust-free, and you can start to see that you have a gazebo that is built to last, as well as built to be functional in its use too.