Top-Rated 2.5m Pop-up Gazebos

2.5m gazebos are that perfect ‘in-between’ size, as it’s better than buying a 2m gazebo that may be too small or a 3m which would be too large…

That may have been a little bit of a confusing intro into a review guide but I kind of think you understand what I mean.  Basically, they offer an alternative to the more regular sizes.

The pop-up gazebos I’ve recommended below all come with side panels included because at least if you have them, then you can decide whether to use them or not.

The Best 2.5×2.5m Pop-up Gazebos

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Recommended Products

Gorilla Gazebo 2.5×2.5m (Commercial Grade)

This heavy-duty Gorilla gazebo is a great start to this review guide as their 2.5×2.5m model really does exude quality, strength, a range of premium accessories and great colours.

With 6 colours to choose from which include black, blue, green, grey, red and white, you have a decent selection to choose from that should suit your preferred type of event use.

You’ll receive a waterproof canopy to keep the rain out, strong pop-up frame to provide the backbone of the gazebo, side panels, wheeled bag and ropes and pegs.


This pop-up, like all the rest of pop-up gazebos, is simple to build and requires just the help of 1 friend to help you pop the frame up and attach the canopy to the frame top.

It’s not difficult to assemble it by yourself but it’s much easier if someone lends you a hand.  If there is no-one to help, then it is possible to erect it yourself, but takes a little longer…

Package Includes:

  • Heavy-duty steel concertina frame
  • Fully waterproof canopy (650D Polyester)
  • x2 Windowed side panels (650D)
  • x2 Full-length roll-up doors/walls (650D)
  • Pegs & guy ropes
  • Strong storage bag with wheels

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • Cross Truss Roof Design
  • Roof & Sides Equal Quality
  • Push Button for Adjusting
  • Hammerite Finish Frame
  • Easy to Build
  • Wheeled Storage Bag

The Not So Good...

  • No Leg Weights
  • Has logo on canopy

Reasons to Buy…

  • Push Button Mouldings

The push-button mouldings help you to easily adjust to different height settings.  They also prevent you from trapping your fingers and speed up assembly & disassembly.

There are 3 different height settings to choose from, with a minimum walk-in height of 6ft (1.81m), 6ft 3in (1.91m) and 6ft 7in (1.97m) so the above makes adjusting quick and easy.

  • Equal Quality Sides & Canopy Material

All of the side panels, which include the windowed sides and full-length doors, together with the roof canopy are all of the same quality when it comes to the weave of the fabric.

Sometimes, manufacturers will reduce costs by lessening the quality of the side panels by making them lower weave which reduces their durability and waterproofing level.

But this is not the case with this 2.5m gorilla gazebo as both the canopy and side panels are 650D (Denier = weave) and have a PVC coating to provide the waterproofing protection.

  • UV & Waterproof Protection

Let’s not kid ourselves, when we’re looking to buy a gazebo we’re either buying it to provide shade from the sun or to keep you dry from wet weather.  Well, this does both!

The high level of waterproofing and UV protection ensure that you have a decent level of protection without worrying.  I advise that you still use sunblock as a precaution though…

  • Wheeled Transport Bag

This is now a common feature or should I say ‘accessory’ that many gazebo manufacturers are now providing.  I think manufacturers have realised how important it is to the user.

Quite often when you take your gazebo away on holiday, to a camping trip or to the beach, you will quite often have to travel a short/long distance from your car, caravan or camper.

Using the wheeled bag to pull it along behind you is far easier than carrying a 25kg gazebo over your shoulder as was the only option a few years ago.  Technology hey?

WEIBO Waterproof 2.5×2.5m Pop Up Gazebo

Next on the list is this stylish and strong pop-up gazebo from WEIBO. It’s a durable gazebo that’s easy to set up and comes in a range of 14 colours for you to choose from.
You can check out each of the 14 colours for yourself, but some of the most attractive is its beige, black, blue and green models, and they all have very stylish side windows too.

This product is made of lightweight waterproof material, so it’s more than capable of being used in a light shower. You may need to wrap up warm, but that just makes it cosier!

Setting up this product couldn’t be simpler – just pop up the steel frame and attach the sides and back using Velcro attachments. This is a great feature for hot days too.

The manufacturers recommend 4 people for easy assembly, and it will probably take you no more than 5 minutes. Just remember, pop up gazebos aren’t designed to be left up indefinitely.

Package Includes:

  • Powder coated steel metal frame
  • Waterproof 210D silver coated oxford polyester canopy cover and sidewalls
  • 600D oxford PVC coated fabric carry bag
  • x4 ropes
  • x12 stakes

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • 2 Full-Size Windows
  • Velcro Attachment Sidewalls and Door
  • Waterproof, Rot Proof, UV Protected Polyester Canopy
  • White Powder Coated Steel Metal Frame
  • Stylish Design in Variety of Colours
  • 5 Minute Pop Up With Friends

The Not So Good...

  • Safest to use in Pleasant Weather
  • Carry Bag for Storage

Reasons to Buy…

  • Removable Side Walls and Doors

This is an excellent feature because it means that you can remove one or all of the walls in hot weather to allow for more circulation around the gazebo for comfort.

The canopy will still protect you from harmful UV rays and you can enjoy the weather safely. Notice a change in weather? Simply reattach the walls with Velcro.

  • Full-Size Windows

Not many gazebos are capable of giving you the natural light that the WEIBO is thanks to its full-size church style windows which make up a sizable portion of the side walls.

The windows themselves are clear allowing for natural light to flood in and you and your guests to look out of. They are also durable and waterproof too so you can still use in light rain.

  • Waterproof, Rot Proof, UV Protected

When a gazebo is marketed as being waterproof, you might expect it to be rot-proof too, but this is not always the case. Thankfully WEIBO has thought about this.

They have designed the walls and canopy with a 100% polyethene material that is not only waterproof and rot proof, but capable of protecting you from UV light.

All of this together means that this gazebo has been built to last. Providing you don’t leave it up overnight or during heavy winds and rain, this gazebo really can last the distance.

  • Easy Set-Up

Whilst the manufacturers do recommend building with four of you, it can be done with just one too, but it will take longer. Popping up the frame is simple enough too.

Attaching the doors and side walls really doesn’t require any special assistance either because of it’s Velcro attachments, and you could actually attach them in any way that you wanted to.

All Seasons 2.5×2.5m Heavy Duty Gazebo

If you’re looking for a pop-up gazebo that is stylish, heavy-duty, durable and strong, then you’ve found it with this All Seasons fully waterproof heavy duty gazebo.

Available in a rang of colours including royal blue, white and red, this really is a great looking gazebo for any garden or event space. It’s premium quality – and the design shows it.

The walls and canopy are all made of the same 260g/sqm PVC coated fully waterproof material, so you get the same protection from the sides as you do from the roof.

The black metal frame has 24 metal struts for extra support and stability. The frame itself is durable and has thick metal legs and metal feet, so no wind bars are necessary.

The whole thing can be erected within minutes with the help of somebody else thanks to its innovative pop-up design and easy to attach sidewalls and canopy.

Package Includes:

  • x1 260g/sqm Fully Waterproof Roof
  • x4 260g/sqm Fully Waterproof Side Walls
  • x1 Rust Resistant Matte Black Powder Coated Frame
  • x1 Heavy Duty Carry Bag with Wheels
  • x4 Leg Weight Bags
  • x8 Tent Pegs
  • x4 Rope

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • 1 Year Frame Warranty
  • 260g/sqm Walls and Canopy
  • Wheeled Storage Bag
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • 24 Metal Support Struts
  • Easy Set Up

The Not So Good...

  • Company Logo on Roof
  • May Need Additional Weights Too

Reasons To Buy…

  • Easy Set Up

As with all pop-up gazebos, it is easy to set up. But the best thing about this All Season’s gazebo is that the roof need only be attached once, and it can stay on during storage.

That means that when you next come to take your gazebo out for use, you will only need to attach the door and side walls because the roof will already be attached.

  • Heavy Duty Frame

This product does not contain the words ‘All Seasons’ and ‘Heavy Duty’ for nothing. Its black frame is remarkably robust and can withstand moderate winds and rain with ease.

The 24 metal support struts and 30mmx30mm metal legs mean that the frame is further reinforced so it can withstand these less than ideal weather conditions.

The manufacturers themselves point out that wind bars are not necessary like they are on some more budget gazebos because the frame has been designed to do all the work.

  • 260g/sqm Walls and Canopy

As we’ve already discussed, finding a gazebo that offers canopy and walls of the same heavy-duty waterproof material can be difficult, but All Seasons have done it here.

The material is actually so strong that All Seasons claims it can withstand not only showers, but you could aim a hose at it and the water would still not get through.

  • 1 Year Frame Warranty

If finding a gazebo with a high-quality canopy and walls is difficult, then finding a pop-up gazebo that offers a 1-year warranty for its frame is almost completely impossible.

Until All Seasons that is. The 1-year warranty on offer here doesn’t cover the walls or canopy (because any damage to them is likely accidental on behalf of the user), but the frame is fully covered for a year!

AIRWAVE 2.5×2.5m Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo

The AIRWAVE pop up gazebo represents an option that is really good value for money. It’s strong, affordable and attractive to look at in any garden or outdoor space.

Set up again is easy, and the pop-up process means it can be assembled within minutes without any fiddly parts or special equipment required to help with the job.

This more affordable option also comes with 4 leg weights and 2 wind bars to help increase the sturdiness and stability of the gazebo in case of a change in weather.

It has a 420D polyester canopy which has been coated in a PVC material to increase its water resistance and protect its users from light showers, although it should not be used in heavy rain.

Side panels are made of 210D and are attached via Velcro for easy setup and removal when you are ready to take your pop up gazebo down again. It’s so easy to do that bringing it down overnight will be a breeze.

Package Includes:

  • 420D Polyester PVC Coated Canopy
  • 210D Polyester Side Panels
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Carry Bag
  • Guy Ropes, Sand Bags and Anchor Pegs
  • 2 Wind Bars and 4 Leg Weights

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • Roll Up Door with 2 Full-Length Zippers
  • 2 Church Style Windows
  • 2 Wind Bars
  • 4 Leg Weights
  • Powder Coated Finish on Frame
  • Affordable Price

The Not So Good...

  • Carry Bag Only
  • Best Used in Pleasant Weather

Reasons To Buy…

  • Heavy-Duty Cross Truss Roof Design

A cross truss roof design simply means that it has been constructed in such a way that there is equal weight distribution across the roof and down all 4 sidewalls.

This weight distribution makes the frame more stable and solid because it can withstand light wind. If it had not been designed in this way then a light wind could easily topple it.

  • Wind Bars and Leg Weights

To have 2 wind bars and 4 leg weights included in a slightly more budget pop up gazebo is seriously impressive. It shows that AIRWAVE wants your gazebo to be as strong as possible.

Using the wind bars, leg weights, sandbags and anchor pegs that are included in the package means your new pop up gazebo will be as sturdy and as strong as it can be.

Just remember not to use this gazebo in bad weather such as strong winds and heavy rains as it was specifically designed for the summer months and dealing with light drizzles.

  • Roll Up Door

Not every gazebo comes with this, so it’s nice to see an affordable option with this feature. The roll-up doors have 2 full-length zippers making it simple to roll up.

This is great on a hot summers day when you may want to circulate some more air inside your gazebo or welcome in a gentle breeze to help you and your guests cool off.

  • 420D Polyester Canopy

This style of canopy is more than capable of dealing with light rain so you don’t need to worry about cutting your summer garden activities short if the weather changes thanks to its PVC coating.

The side panels may only be made of a 210D Polyester, but it’s still good quality material that will be robust too, and they attach easily thanks to the Velcro attachment system.

Need something a bit bigger?  Try these 3m gazebos

QUICK STAR Pop Up Gazebo 2.5×2.5m

Quick Star’s pop up gazebo is really impressive. It’s a stylish design and fasten back curtains make for a really striking visual piece that also has a strong and durable frame too.

This Quick Star pop up gazebo is erected within minutes again, and the side panels and curtains are fastened quickly and easily with zips, and the 2 windows look great too.

The canopy is made of a 180g lightweight soft polyester fabric that is water repellent thanks to its PU coat and sealed seams for extra protection against the rain.

The roof bars are a sturdy 18x10mm black steel frame and it has been coated in a powder to help ensure the longevity of the frames life span so it will be standing for longer.

Quick Star’s gazebo is a really great example of what manufacturers can achieve for a budget price. Waterproof tight seals, a stylish design and sturdy metal frame are all highlights!

Package Includes:

  • x1 180g Polyester Canopy
  • PU Coated and Sealed Seams
  • x4 Side Curtains
  • Coated Metal Frame
  • 2 Large Windows

Pros & Cons

The Best Features

  • 2 Large Windows for Natural Light
  • PU Coated Waterproof 180g Polyester Canopy
  • Easy to Build
  • Sturdy Steel Metal Frame
  • Easy Fastening Curtains

The Not So Good...

  • Anchor Weights Not Included
  • Best Usage in Summer with Only Light Rain

Reasons To Buy…

  • Stylish Easy Fastening Curtains

Whilst a roll up door on a pop-up gazebo is always welcome for cooling off in summer, the easy fastening curtains here just seem to look a little better than the roll up doors.

It’s stylish, but it’s also a great way to cool off too when it gets too warm inside. They can be attached easily with a zip, so you could take them off too if you prefer a little more circulation.

  • Church Style Windows

Church style windows are quite a popular choice among pop up gazebo manufacturers and Quick Star certainly seems to agree. They are very stylish and look great.

But more than that, the windows offer a huge amount of natural light into the gazebo so you really can let the sunshine in and feel as though you are still sitting outside.

  • Sturdy Metal Frame

With roof bars that measure 18x10mm and legs that measure 25x25mm, you really do have a frame that is built to stay standing, and its black metal steel certainly helps with that.

Just as with all pop-up gazebos (unless it specifically states otherwise), it’s probably best not to use them in strong winds or heavy rains, but this frame is certainly strong enough to deal with warm summer nights.

  • Waterproof

As mentioned above, this gazebo is built for the summer, but a light drizzle is always possible, so it’s good to see that Quick Star has still made sure that it is waterproof.

A PU coated polyester canopy lets the rain roll right off and the seams are all sealed tightly to make sure there is no opportunity for the water to seep down into the gazebo.

Still not found a suitable canopy?  Here’s a pop-up gazebo guide my friend Shaun Bird has written